Vintage Fashion Terms Glossary
November 07, 2022

Vintage Fashion Terms Glossary

Terms and conditions commonly used in vintage and retro fashion at Tatyana Clothing.

Dresses & Skirts:

Jumper - sleeveless dress worn layered over a top or blouse, or under a sweater
Wiggle dress - fitted, hourglass dress; Marilyn Monroe made these dresses iconic!
Fit and Flare - fitted through the waist and flaring out at or below the hips, seen in our Peggy and Sandra dresses
A-line skirt - shaped like a capital "A", flared at hem
Circle skirt or dress - full and round; a full circle skirt will lie flat in a circle around your body when laid out
Maxi skirt - ankle-length
Midi-length skirt - knee-length
Pencil skirt -  fitted to the body's curves, modernly called a "bodycon" skirt/dress



Boat-neck - high, wide neckline that cuts straight across the front & back
Cowl neck - exaggerated, draping fabric at neck
Keyhole neck - cutout, fastening at top, front or back. Seen in our Audrey Dress and Keyhole Blouses
Scoop neck - low, U-shaped neckline
Sweetheart neckline shaped like the top half of a heart
V-neck - open, downward point of fabric coming to a "V" shape



Balloon sleeve - shaped full over the upper arm, narrow from elbow to wrist
Bishop's sleeve - full below the elbow, cinched or left loose to drip at wrist
Cap sleeve - extra-short sleeve which sits on the shoulder
Capelet sleeve - falls several inches below elbow in soft flare


Dart - a pointed tuck; tailoring garment closely to the body, often used around the bust and waist
Pin-Tucks - decorative folds, sewn and pressed down on fabric
Piping - cord-like strip of fabric edging a garment or creating structure, like on a corset
Ruched/Ruching - gathered material sewn to create loose pleats, seen in the bust of our Marilyn in Black Gold dress