Hello and a Warm and Sunny Welcome to Spring 2023!
February 20, 2023

Hello and a Warm and Sunny Welcome to Spring 2023!

   My name is Elle Cupp and I am happy to be a part of the Tatyana team. As part of my role, I am involved in the development of our new lines. I particularly enjoy working on the spring collection as it is  a blend of new styles and fresh takes on some of our beloved favorites.

    One of my personal favorites is the Annette Skirt in the charming "Save the Bees" design. This skirt is fully lined, no "Oops!" moments under the bright sunshine. We've designed the pattern in-house, making it a truly unique piece. What I adore most about this skirt is its "twirl" factor - the fullness of the skirt adds a fun, feminine touch that brings back cherished memories of dresses from my past. You can enhance the shape of the skirt by wearing it with a crinoline. A-line and circle skirts have a universally flattering silhouette so they look great on all body types!

The bee pattern on the Annette Skirt is a tribute to our appreciation and respect for the vital role that honey bees play in our ecosystem. These tiny creatures help produce one-third of our food supply, making them a crucial part of conservation efforts.

To complete your look, try pairing the Annette Skirt in Save the Bees with our classic Keynote, our cozy Glenda sweater (it is not quite spring here... brrrrr!) or the versatile Lori Ann Blouse with the ribbon pack. I can't wait to wear mine with the Black Ingrid when it arrives. And of course, I'll be twirling away with a crinoline underneath.