What I love about [the Elizabeth Dress]: It has a soft texture & comes in a large variety of sizes! Obsessed with the coloring. Twirl factor is a 10!

The Scout Jumper is adorable and it's the perfect length!

This print is adorable! Love the lightweight fabric. The heat can affect what kind of dress I wear and this will be great for summer!

Mid Mod in Fancy Flamingos

I am all over this polka dot number! Thanks so much for giving us a wonderful "Barbie" dress to enjoy this spring/summer.

This dress made me feel so glam! Seriously could not have asked for a more perfect thing to have worn!

[Sophia in Red]

I have several Tatyana items that are a decade or more old that still look brand new!

My mom got me this dress in 2014 and it STILL looks brand new!!!

[Alika Pencil Green]

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Build a Wardrobe that Lasts a Lifetime - GUARANTEED!

Build a Wardrobe that Lasts a Lifetime - GUARANTEED!

We take pride in being apart of the #SlowFashion movement. Rapid fast fashion cycles harm your wallets and the environment. Fast fashion relies on QUANTITY over QUALITY - meaning clothing items don't stand the test of time and are not created mindfully and purposely.

We do the OPPOSITE at Tatyana - where QUALITY beats QUANTITY.

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Celebrating Diversity: Tatyana's Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Celebrating Diversity: Tatyana's Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

At Tatyana, we firmly believe in supporting and celebrating all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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My Love Affair with scarves

My Love Affair with scarves

Legendary icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly donned them with effortless grace. There are truly dozens of fashion legends who have wore a scarf to perfection over the years.

Scarves are the ultimate vintage fashion accessory. They add a pop of color and instant flair to any outfit. Tie it around your head like Rosie the Riveter for an authentic 1940's vibe... Wrap one around your neck like Grace Kelly.... and drive off in your 1950's  convertible with a handsome man by your side or just with your own bad ass self and let your scarf blow behind you in the wind.Image result for grace kelly scarf driving a car cartoon | Grace kelly,  Princess grace kelly, To catch a thief

And speaking of rebels...check out Louise in a beautiful scarf!

Image result for thelma and louise wearing scarves


Adding a scarf makes you look put together with so little effort....tie one around your wrist as a colorful bracelet, use one as a belt, tie it to your purse or briefcase handle... the possibilities are endless!

I was reading a fashion blog that announced that scarves are back for 2023. I laughed, because we vintage ladies know that they never went out of style!

If you're a scarf devotee like myself, use this coupon code Grace50 at checkout to get 50% off any of our fabulous scarves.


Love Always,

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