This dress made me feel so glam! Seriously could not have asked for a more perfect thing to have worn!

[Sophia in Red]

I love this dress. It fits like a dream!

[The Patina Circle in Leopard]

My absolute FAVORITE go-to dress!!

[Peggy in Orange]

[The Willow Blouse in Black] is one of my favorite tops in my entire closet!!

Y'all better stop! I wasn't sure I wanted this but now.... *fire emoji*

[Florence Wide Leg Coveralls]

My mom got me this dress in 2014 and it STILL looks brand new!!!

[Alika Pencil Green]

I've been following [@tatyanaclothing] for many years and I have dreamt to own this dress. I felt very special wearing it for my birthday!

[Alika Circle in Green] - sold out

I feel fancy in [the Peggy in Peridot] and receive compliments often. All eyes on me!

The Luisa is my favorite pair of pants!!

[Luisa Capri in Green]

Luisa Capri in Light Blue]

I always get THE MOST compliments whenever I wear your clothes! Thanks for making such amazing dresses.

I've been a customer since 2013. You guys always go above and beyond!

Roxanne @miss.rox.the.fox on Insta & TikTok
Tannie @the.pinup.doll
Candace @grease.gal
Jes @littlemissjes
Courtenay @courtenay_rivers
Bernadette @bernie_is_here
Audrey @audreymisssweetblack
Garri @mrs.g.kaye

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