Build a Wardrobe that Lasts a Lifetime - GUARANTEED!
July 04, 2023

Build a Wardrobe that Lasts a Lifetime - GUARANTEED!

We take pride in the quality of our clothes - which is why our prices are what they are. We know it can be a shock to consumers who shop primarily fast-fashion. But we are NOT fast fashion!

At Tatyana, we take pride in being apart of the #SlowFashion movement. Rapid fast fashion cycles harm your wallets and the environment. Fast fashion relies on QUANTITY over QUALITY - meaning clothing items don't stand the test of time and are not created mindfully and purposely. This approach of clothing production creates ill-fitting clothes, loose stitches and buttons, and cheap fabrics.

We do the OPPOSITE at Tatyana - where QUALITY beats QUANTITY.

Our clothing won't fall apart in the wash or after the first wear. Our fabrics don't sheer out and wear thin over time - so no accidental embarrassments!

Customers continually tell us that they have dresses and separates that are 10+ years old that still look brand new! (check out some of the testimonials below!)

Invest in Tatyana and build a wardrobe that lasts a lifetime. You won't regret it!

See these REAL REVIEWS from REAL CUSTOMERS! (We love you!)