Mid-century Fashion and Chill..
November 02, 2020

Mid-century Fashion and Chill..


Fall is here and if we know one thing, history (including fashion) always repeats itself. This season, we at Tatyana Clothing have gotten a little braver by utilizing innovative & bold silhouettes that capture the imagination while staying true to our vintage inspired roots.


After all, life is too short for boring clothes...


We love the comfort of the timeless fall trends we see make a comeback year after year. We welcome the familiar trends like an old friend.

You know we must have some plaid prints in our collection as well as the cozy and warm traditional fall color palette that we can never have enough of.  With our new collection in mind, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite new pieces coming to you this season, as well as slip in a little nod to how we are spending some of our nights...which is watching some television bundled up at home staying fabulously over-dressed!


You might notice a few more fashion houses like Gucci, Vivian Westwood, Valentino, all the way down to fast fashion retailers like H&M adopting the vintage silhouette, trying their hand at the iconic mid-century era aesthetic. We think this might have something to do with how much attention has gone toward some beautifully done award-winning streaming programs.


We are in awe of the wardrobe from “Nurse Ratched” on Netflix, “Hollywood”, and my personal favorite “Lovecraft Country” on HBO.   Once again I find myself counting the days until The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns for another season with its drool-worthy wardrobe. We are thrilled that vintage fashion will be making a guest appearance in mainstream media once again! It has been how long since Mad Men had its season finale?!?


We have brought back our Tabitha skirt, a traditional box pleated circle skirt designed in a vegan friendly synthetic wool. We skipped the polka dots in favor of a pinky, mauve black grey plaid that is feminine and sophisticated. This skirt even has a matching scarf to give you the look of an outfit that was custom-tailored for you.


This skirt has pockets and belt loops that will accommodate a belt up to two inches wide. The Tabitha skirt and scarf look absolutely has a Midge Maisel vibe that begs to be photographed. Picture perfect looks for fall are here!  (Don’t forget to tag our new Instagram, @tatyanaclothing)



If you are drawn to the controversial show Hollywood, with its Lux wardrobe and sets, we think you might want to look at our newest blouse “Willow”. This beauty has an arrow tip 1940’s collar with dramatic bishop sleeves and a tapered bodice. The sumptuous fabric is slinky and bounces off the light, giving off beautiful movement and dimension. The willow blouse has a flare for the dramatic. This show-stopping piece elevates any outfit, flowing from modern to vintage, depending on what you accompany her with. Yet, it somehow never loses the old Hollywood glamour aesthetic. This pairs perfectly with our director-style berets and vintage Bakelite jewelry or some fakelite accessories like the ones we sell by Bow & Crossbones.

Lights! Camera! Action!



 We’ve filled our fall collection with garments to stir up nostalgia you will fall in love with. Slip into something comfortable and fabulous with us as we binge watch 1950’s modern Americana in matching attire! Is the 1950’s sci-fi horror more your niche? Then look no further than Lovecraft Country! Not for the faint of heart, this show has EVERYTHING! Letti has her classic casual 1950’s attire while her sister goes for a more sophisticated look. Also, we just HAVE to mention the beautiful period-accurate menswear as well. Collared shirts and pressed slacks with knits in the dreamiest color palettes. This show is equal parts gorgeous and terrifying.


If Letti is more your style we recommend our high waisted Luisa pants coming in a quality stretch woven hunter green fabric. Pair that with our latest, soft as a cloud pullover sweater Glenda. This look is effortless, timeless, youthful, and... comfortable!



If Letti’s crooner sister Ruby from Lovecraft Country is more your aesthetic, we have our CEO, now in hunter green, or our Rita dress in plaid. Both are made in a high quality stretch fabric meant to hug your curves without “sacrificing” comfort. Pair either of the classic 1950’s inspired pencil dress with flats and a pillbox hat for a day look, or pair it with heels and cropped jacket for sharp “femme fatale” night look.


Get ready for your close up and live life to the fullest. Dress up with us and your favorite shows, just don’t forget to tag us in your photos!


-Crystal @tatyanaclothing