No plain Jaynes here!
February 23, 2021

No plain Jaynes here!

This wiggle is named after the bombshell herself… Jayne Mansfield.

This is our glitzy modern take of an outfit Jayne would have killed in.

What makes it have that vintage esthetic? It all boils down to silhouette structure and length.

This cut is a form fitting pencil dress with a modest, below-the-knee length hem, and dramatic scoop neckline that draws the eye.

How long is too long for below the knee?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

Ideally you want the hem to hit where the top of your calf is at its smallest. Why? Because we love curves! And if it gets to your mid-calf it can make you appear shorter.  Beauty is, of course, subjective... so where it however the heck you want!

@rragtime_cat in the Jayne Dress by Tatyana Clothing

@rragtime_cat in our classic Jayne Dress 


What makes it modern? We will we’ve made this classic pinup pencil dress in a stretch fabric, and we have also added adjustable slide straps along with an invisible zipper.

Traditionally this is not something found in vintage garments from the 1950’s 1960’s era.

This piece does come lined as well in an equally stretchy fabric.


The Jayne Dress by Tatyana Boutique

The Jayne Dress by Tatyana Clothing

Why is this style still relevant? It's iconic!

Trends come and go but classics never go out of style. When you think about a cocktail dress, a wedding dress, prom wear or any special occasion wear          for that matter, you want to make a statement. You want a little something different and glamorous. This dress is all that.. combined.

Elegant with a dash of drama, just like Jayne.


Style this dreamy dress with a modern edge or go for the for that unique midcentury heartbreaker. There is no wrong move, Jayne is the dress for the girls who cannot help it! Do not be afraid of attention, Jayne wouldn't be.  After all, life’s too short for boring clothes.


How we styled it- We had the chance to play dress up with the local Las Vegas based Heads Will Roll Salon.

We brought in our good friend Alex, one of our past managers from our closed Forum Shops location to model for this shoot.

Dottie Vee of Heads Will Roll personally styled Alex’s hair in a modern French braid. This look is very popular with casual vintage loving brides this season.

 Make-up and Hair provided by Heads Will Roll Salon

 Alex’s make-up was expertly applied by @Janetcakemua who also was leaning towards more of modern esthetic.


When you pair the current makeup trends with our classic silhouette it makes a winning combination that leaves an impression.


If you need help with sizing send us a text at (702) 485-4999 or email us at