Crinoline? Petticoat? Pinafore? Tutu? Cancan?
February 02, 2020

Crinoline? Petticoat? Pinafore? Tutu? Cancan?

Crinoline? More like crinoWIN!

Dance the night away like Ginger Rogers twirling around a ballroom!   All eyes will be on you when you sashay into a room be it dancing or strutting. Having the perfect foundation wear really sets off an outfit. Nothing creates the classic 1950’s look quite like having a full petticoat.

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For those that are new to the style and not familiar with the era, and are looking to dress period accurate for an event, a play, or any performance, the petticoat is a necessity. Without them your look might read more like a modern midi cut skirt or dress, and you lose the vintage aesthetic you're going for.   But on the flip side you can ADD a vintage look to a modern piece by simply adding a petticoat. As long as the skirt is cut full enough to accommodate the pinafore. Did I just say Pinafore? Yes I did! Confusing, I know! Let me give you a breakdown of the MANY names this style of slip has been given over the years, along with a brief history. Because history of fashion is FUN.  

  1. Petticoat- An under garment worn under a skirt or dress. The exact meaning has changed over the years and can vary from region to region
  2. Pinafore- Sleeveless dress typically worn over clothing as an apron.
  3. Tu-Tu- A stiff tulle skirt coming out from waist typically used in ballet.
  4. Poodle skirt- Poodle skirts are a fashion staple made popular in the 1950’s. The poodle skirt is a term used to describe full circle skirt made of felt. A crinoline or two or three are always used to set off this 1950’s Americana sock-hop look.
  5. Cancan skirt-Calf length skirt with inside lining loaded with rows of ruffles.
  6. Slip-Woman's garment worn underneath clothing.
  7. Tea length slip- A slip that falls below the knee but above the ankle. Commonly used for event garments like weddings and other special occasions.
  8. Crinolines-Stiffened fabric, with horse hair, stiff linen, or cotton used to make long skirts stand out.

  All of these varied terms are often used to describe the same garment used now in modern times.   The term we use most often is crinoline, we wont judge if you use any of the other terms.   Crinoline slips are making a comeback, with tea length dresses being very relevant in the fashion world every season, thanks to designers like Betsey Johnson, Lilly Pulitzer and of course your design team at Tatyana Boutique and Tailor & Twirl the tea length slips are a must in every fashion forward closet.     Women would have to wear several layers of starched slips to get that dramatic iconic look. Thanks to our custom re-designed crinolines, you can say “good bye” to scratchy itchy slips.   Not only does our crinolines offer shape to your outfit but it also offers a pop of color.   Why does color matter when this “slip” isn't meant to be seen?   Because it looks pretty! Not only does the petticoat offer structural support for a garment but it adds color and life.   In more recent trends, especially in bridal, the bride will often  have there bridesmaids wear crinolines at a level where the fun bridal colors peek out from there tea length dresses. This is fittingly called a peek-a-boo slip.

It's new trend that would definitely be scoffed at 40 years ago.   Fun bold colors also catch the eye on a dance floor or stage. The light weight fluffy fabric moves beautifully and will peek out when you sitting or dancing. It's not only just for utilitarian purposes but doubles as a lovely accessory for your outfit.   We use quantity of fabric as opposed to stiff fabric to create volume. Making our in house designed petticoats the best on the market. No horse hair required ;) and of course comfortable.   Click here to shop our crinolines!