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Heart Sunglasses in Yellow


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Pick up some frameless heart-shaped shades to protect your peepers from the brutal rays of reality. Everything is groovy in vintage-inspired sunglasses. We have various color options to punch up your entire wardrobe.
Candy for your face, what more could you want?

Product Details:
  • Plastic
  • Imported
Care Instructions:
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean


          Hemming Explained

          We are offering custom lengths!

          For some products, you may see the option for Hemming.  You can choose "Standard Length" at no charge, this means the skirt length of your dress will be unchanged.

          The garment will have a hemmed edge but at the standard length listed in the size chart.

          If you wish for a custom hem just select the amount of inches you wish to take off.

          This is a great option for those that like a shorter length skirt!

          If you need help figuring out your perfect length feel free to contact us on FB, IG or [email protected]

          How long of a skirt do I want?

          You want to measure from your natural waist to where you feel comfortable having the skirt end.  Let's say that's 22 inches.  If we have a skirt length listed as 26 inches, you'll want a 4 inch hem!

          If you try to measure on your own body, try to have a friend help you, and make sure you are standing straight and looking forward, if you dip down to peak at that measuring tape you will be shift your body, and you won’t get an accurate measurement.

          Hope this helps! Feel free to contact the team at Tatyana if you need any assistance,
          Happy shopping!

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