The Mad Hatter Pin by Dapper Day - Retro Elegance for the Modern Woman

The Mad Hatter Pin by Dapper Day

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The Mad Hatter Pin by Dapper Day

Part of the DAPPER DAY® "Wonderland" collection designed with artist Susan Joy Lu .

"We know the inspiration for the Mad Hatter comes from the mercury poisoning that many Old-England, felt hat makers suffered from, and the character of the Hatter has become so iconic and instantly recognizable in so many different visual interpretations. I look at the Mad Hatter as a character trapped in Wonderland and slowly getting madder each day. The nonsense of the ‘Mad Tea Party’ is such an intriguing part of Alice’s Adventure and even though she never does get that cup of tea, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to join Alice, the March Hare, the Dormouse and of course, the Mad Hatter for a tea party on their ‘un-birthday’!" –Susan Joy Lu

Product Details:

  • Gold finished metal
  • 2" tall
  • 2 back posts with rubber backers
  • Fabricated in China.

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