Cheshire Cat Pin by Dapper Day - Retro Elegance for the Modern Woman

Cheshire Cat Pin by Dapper Day

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Cheshire Cat Pin by Dapper Day

Part of the DAPPER DAY® "Wonderland" collection designed with artist Susan Joy Lu .

"I saw a live show production of Alice in Wonderland as a child and at some point, the Cheshire Cat crawled along the seats, making me jump as I suddenly felt her brush by my feet! This is what the Cheshire Cat is all about - the element of surprise! There’s something so real and familiar, yet something not quite right about the Cheshire Cat that leaves Alice feeling unsettled. Lewis Carroll’s characters sit on the fence between reality and the impossible, which is what I tried to capture in my own interpretation of the characters." –Susan Joy Lu

Product Details:

  • Gold finished metal
  • 1 3/4" wide
  • 1 back post with rubber backer
  • Fabricated in China.

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