Three Cheers for Tatyana Family Fashion!

I don’t know about you but my favorite thing in the world is accessorizing my family and making us look as charming as possible! Because let’s face it, life with a newborn is absolute chaos. The one thing that you can always have control over is what you wear.

The Cheers Fit & Flare Dress with our Archie's Men's Bowling Shirt

I LOVE vintage wear, but we all know how hard that is to find for a curvy frame. That’s where Tatyana always saves the day! I simply just adore their retro fashion designs that make me feel like I’ve stepped back in time.

The Mid-Century Cheers Fit & Flare Circle dress

I recently just bought the fabulous mid-century style CHEERS dress, and to this day I am still completely in love with the design. I live in the blazing Las Vegas (I swear I’m perspiring as I write this) and you need to dress for the occasion. This dress will quench your thirst for finding the perfect summer garb. The detailed artwork of the cocktails printed on this adorable fit and flare constantly have people stopping me & asking where I got it! I always love answering with, “Tatyana of course!” This dress is completely diverse; it can be a great everyday dress or the perfect “cocktail” dress.. get it? 😉 Not to mention this vintage-inspired dress has pockets! Can I get a heck yes?!

When you hem your dress, why not use the extra fabric for a Mid-Century inspired short for your baby or toddler?!

Anyway, like most parents, I’ve taken to doing monthly photos of my son, so I really wanted to do something special for his 6-month pictures. Initially, when I purchased the dress I knew it was much longer than I wanted it; I stand at 5’2. So I thought to myself why not just hem it, and then I’ll have all this extra fabric to make something else! Well, low & behold I decided that it would be simply darling if I made matching shorts for my son! I ended up having a little extra after that & with us being a very DIY kind of family (always trying to save a buck) he ended up with a matching bow tie. Squeal!

Family Time in Tatyana and Archie's Brands!

This 6-Month old is Styling in his vintage-inspired outfit!

Tatyana Boutique ended up being a one-stop shop for us & we didn’t even realize till days before our pictures. My Hunny went with me when I purchased the Cheers dress & ended up buying an Archie’s Bowling Shirt that he thought was “super cool.” We ended up with the most delightful pictures, & three perfect outfits!


Family Pinup and Rockabilly Fashion at Tatyana Boutique


A special thanks goes out to @subculture_vulture, our Tailor & Twirl designer for taking these amazing photos and to @luci_lux for the amazing MUAH!  <3

Dress:  The Cheers Dress, available in sizes XS – 4XL
His Shirt: Anchor Mustard Bowling Shirt available in sizes S – 2XL
Her Hair Accessory: A Princess Madison Handmade Creation – see more like this here

10 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Tatyana Family Fashion!

  1. Thanks, Cecilia, what a great blog! I, too, am… quite short. Now I know what do with the extra fabric when I hem my dresses!!!! I’m imagining dapper bow ties for my man! <3<3<3<3

  2. I LOVE vintage dresses! They can be so hard to find sometimes. I’ll have to check out Tatyana soon!! By the way that’s such a cute idea to make the matching bow tie for your baby 🙂

  3. I’ve been eyeing the Cheers for quite some time! Now I’m sold. I’ll be purchasing this dress after payday this week! Love the blog!

  4. I absolutely love this idea! As a short person who has to hem everything this is something so creative I never would have thought of on my own! Thanks for this, I’ll definitly be following for future bright ideas 😍

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