The Vintage Bride

Why go Retro For your wedding?

Curious about going the vintage route for your special day? Maybe this blog will sway you!

Retro and Vintage Wedding Dresses, Engagement Dresses, and Bridesmaid Dresses at Tatyana

We at Tatyana never intended to do bridal, it just sort of happened.

We noticed a lot of people that found our brand thought we would be a perfect fit, for not only their bridal party but also the bride herself.

Nobody wants to buy a dress they will only wear once. That’s why Tatyana Boutique is a great place to shop for dresses that walk the line between formal and casual.

We offer dresses that come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit the style and silhouette of all your bridesmaids at a very competitive price. We carry all dresses in XS – 4XL, from petite to plus size. For those of you who aren’t savvy with our sizing, our XS generally equates to a woman’s size 2 whereas our 4XL or 4X generally equates to a woman’s size 22.

The BEST part in my humble opinion is that your wedding photos will never look dated! A lot of bridal-wear companies cater to modern trends. These trends tend to waver out giving photos from your special day a dated feel.

Hip and trendy is well and good but not when you’ll be looking at theses photos for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to be into the Rockabilly lifestyle to enjoy the vintage aesthetic!


The retro vintage wedding will never be dated, if you go classic your photos will be timeless just like the style.

Have you ever felt like the second you add the words “bridal” or “wedding” to anything, the price of that item becomes considerably higher? From dresses to head bands to flowers the bridal industries seems like it’s really out there to stick it to the bride and groom.

“This flower arrangement? It’s $40 dollars please. Oh! It’s for a wedding?! How wonderful, our wedding arrangements starts at $140” .
We love LOVE and we want you to love what you and your bridal party wear on your special day.

We offer 20% off for bridal parties of 4 or more when you order the same style dress. Just email [email protected] to get more details!

Tatyana Boutique along with Tailor & Twirl now also offer one on one consultations to answer any of your fit questions and to help with shipping logistics for your bridal party.

Not only that! But to go along with our array of sizing options from XS-XL we now offer our updated plus size line of 1X-4X and length customizations to boot!

Vintage Retro Wedding Flower Boutique from Gaia Flowers in the 18b Arts District of Las Vegas

Bridal bouquet provided by Gaia Flowers in 18b In the Arts District of Las Vegas

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