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Our History

Designer Tatyana Khomyakova

Tatyana Designs is named after the founder and lead designer (Tatyana Khomyakova) who began designing retro inspired dresses when she founded her first clothing line in 2006.

Born in northern Russia, Tatyana loved the arts and fashion from her earliest memories. After excelling at the University of Culture and securing advanced degrees in theater and fashion, she began her modeling career at the House of Fashion in St. Petersburg, Russia. Tatyana, after becoming a high fashion couture model, studied fashion design in France and London which led to her expertise in unique women's vintage style design.

Dismissing the “frivolous trends of the moment,” the high fashion model decided to bring into being a line that reflects the beauty and mystery of women without being vulgar or “Trendy.”

In 2006, we opened our first boutique at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas, NV. Soon thereafter, we opened Hollywood, Forum Shops in Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, New York, Nashville and more so that we now have twenty Boutiques.

Our styles are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas as well as in the USA. Tatyana Designs is proud that we directly employ about 200 people in the USA with careers in the fashion industry.

In 2014, Tatyana unveiled her new company: Tatyana. A fitting tribute to the designer and founder of several clothing lines, Tatyana transforms the retro style into one of elegance – something she longed to do from the beginning but is now able to be reflected without constraint.

Tatyana’s signature line of dresses are developed from scratch by our design team – led by Tatyana. From concept to initial drawings to fabric selection, sampling, draping and production – Tatyana dresses are proprietary to our brand.

The future of the line is as varied as women themselves. The nature of the dresses appeal to all demographics. Young people like the dresses because they are unusual and a “little crazy” so they can stand out in a crowd. Middle aged clients enjoy the elegance and “mystery” the dresses convey. Moreover, the older generation appreciates the nostalgia which reminds them of their youth. Everything from fabric content and design to the silhouettes themselves undergo constant change and evolution to meet the demands of clients.

Tatyana has found her place in the fashion world, which is fortunate not only for her, but for women everywhere.

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